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2013Oncologic outcomes after adjuvant chemotherapy using FOLFOX in MSI-H sporadic stage III colon cancer.김도윤, 김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽
2013Comparison of oncological outcomes between neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy combined with surgery for resectable synchronous colorectal liver metastases.김도윤, 김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽
2013Risk factors for parastomal hernia: based on radiological definition.김도윤, 서광욱, 오승엽, 이제희
2013Preoperative colonoscopy for detection of synchronous neoplasms after insertion of self-expandable metal stents in occlusive colorectal cancer: comparison of covered and uncovered stents.김순선, 서광욱, 오승엽, 유준환, 이광재, 임선교
2012Routine barium enema prior to closure of defunctioning ileostomy is not necessary김도윤, 서광욱, 오승엽
2012Prognostic impact of fascin-1 expression is more significant in advanced colorectal cancer김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽
2011Computed tomography classification for parastomal hernia.서광욱, 오승엽, 이제희
2011Absence of MMP2 expression correlates with poor clinical outcomes in rectal cancer, and is distinct from MMP1-related outcomes in colon cancer.김영배, 서광욱
2011Does total mesorectal excision require a learning curve? Analysis from the database of a single surgeon's experience.김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽
2010Microsatellite Instability-low Colorectal Carcinomas: Are They Comparable with Microsatellite Stable Cancer?김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽
2009Comparison of Effects of Preoperative Stenting for Obstructing Colorectal Cancers according to the Location of the Obstructing Lesion김진홍, 서광욱, 오승엽, 이광재, 이명희, 전수진
2009Treatment of Multiple Colorectal Cancers백옥주, 서광욱, 오승엽
2009Total Number of Lymph Nodes Retrieved in Stage III Rectal Cancer Patient.김영배, 백옥주, 서광욱, 오승엽
2009Contiguous invasion per se does not affect prognosis in colon cancer.김영배, 백옥주, 서광욱, 오승엽
2008Does a Successful Total Mesorectal Excision Require a Learning Curve?서광욱, 오승엽
2007Complications, Mortality and Functional Outcome following a Total Colectomy and Ileo-rectal Anastomosis서광욱, 오승엽
2007The Efficacy of UGT1A1 Polymorphism in Chemoradiation Therapy Using Irinotecan in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽, 전미선
2007Oncological Safety of a Metallic Stent for a Left-sided Obstructive Colorectal Carcinoma김진홍, 서광욱, 오승엽, 이광재
2007A Case of a Rectal Teratoma김영배, 서광욱, 오승엽, 이광재
2006Which gene is a dominant predictor of response during FOLFOX chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer, the MTHFR or XRCC1 gene?김영배, 서광욱
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