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BMP2-modified injectable hydrogel for osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells

Park, SH; Kwon, JS; Lee, BS; Park, JH; Lee, BK; Yun, JH; Lee, BY; Kim, JH; Min, BH; Yoo, TH; Kim, MS
Scientific reports, 7(1):6603-6603, 2017
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Scientific reports
This is the first report on the development of a covalently bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP2)-immobilized hydrogel that is suitable for osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells (hPLSCs). O-propargyl-tyrosine (OpgY) was site-specifically incorporated into BMP2 to prepare BMP2-OpgY with an alkyne group. The engineered BMP2-OpgY exhibited osteogenic characteristics after in vitro osteogenic differentiation of hPLSCs, indicating the osteogenic ability of BMP2-OpgY. A methoxy polyethylene glycol-(polycaprolactone-(N3)) block copolymer (MC-N3) was prepared as an injectable in situ-forming hydrogel. BMP2 covalently immobilized on an MC hydrogel (MC-BMP2) was prepared quantitatively by a simple biorthogonal reaction between alkyne groups on BMP2-OpgY and azide groups on MC-N3 via a Cu(I)-catalyzed click reaction. The hPLSCs-loaded MC-BMP2 formed a hydrogel almost immediately upon injection into animals. In vivo osteogenic differentiation of hPLSCs in the MC-BMP2 formulation was confirmed by histological staining and gene expression analyses. Histological staining of hPLSC-loaded MC-BMP2 implants showed evidence of mineralized calcium deposits, whereas hPLSC-loaded MC-Cl or BMP2-OpgY mixed with MC-Cl, implants showed no mineral deposits. Additionally, MC-BMP2 induced higher levels of osteogenic gene expression in hPLSCs than in other groups. In conclusion, BMP2-OpgY covalently immobilized on MC-BMP2 induced osteogenic differentiation of hPLSCs as a noninvasive method for bone tissue engineering.
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