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Influence of heritability on craniofacial soft tissue characteristics of monozygotic twins, dizygotic twins, and their siblings using Falconer's method and principal components analysis

Song, J | Chae, HS  | Shin, JW  | Sung, J | Song, YM | Baek, SH | Kim, YH
Korean journal of orthodontics, 49(1). : 3-11, 2019
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Korean journal of orthodontics
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of heritability on the craniofacial soft tissue cephalometric characteristics of monozygotic (MZ) twins, dizygotic (DZ) twins, and their siblings (SIB).
METHODS: The samples comprised Korean adult twins and their siblings (mean age, 39.8 years: MZ group, n = 36 pairs: DZ group, n = 13 pairs of the same gender: and SIB group, n = 26 pairs of the same gender). Thirty cephalometric variables were measured to characterize facial profile, facial height, soft-tissue thickness, and projection of nose and lip. Falconer's method was used to calculate heritability (low heritability, h(2) < 0.2: high heritability, h(2) > 0.9). After principal components analysis (PCA) was performed to extract the models, we calculated the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) value and heritability of each component.
RESULTS: The MZ group exhibited higher ICC values for all cephalometric variables than DZ and SIB groups. Among cephalometric variables, the highest h(2) (MZ-DZ) and h(2) (MZ-SIB) values were observed for the nasolabial angle (NLA, 1.544 and 2.036), chin angle (1.342 and 1.112), soft tissue chin thickness (2.872 and 1.226), and upper lip thickness ratio (1.592 and 1.026). PCA derived eight components with 84.5% of a cumulative explanation. The components that exhibited higher values of h(2) (MZ-DZ) and h(2) (MZ-SIB) were PCA2, which includes facial convexity, NLA, and nose projection (1.026 and 0.972), and PCA7, which includes chin angle and soft tissue chin thickness (2.107 and 1.169).
CONCLUSIONS: The nose and soft tissue chin were more influenced by genetic factors than other soft tissues.
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