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2024Author Correction: The prediction of sagittal chin point relapse following two‑jaw surgery using machine learning김영호, 신정원
2024Accuracy of posteroanterior cephalogram landmarks and measurements identification using a cascaded convolutional neural network algorithm: A multicenter study김영호
2023Orthognathic surgical planning using graph CNN with dual embedding module: External validations with multi-hospital datasets김영호
2023The prediction of sagittal chin point relapse following two-jaw surgery using machine learning김영호, 신정원
2023Stability of clockwise rotation of the maxillary occlusal plane in skeletal Class III patients treated with two-jaw surgery김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2023The Lower Lip Profile Change During Total Distalization of the Mandibular Dentition김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2022Cone-beam computed tomography and digital model analysis of maxillary buccal alveolar bone thickness for vertical temporary skeletal anchorage device placement김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2022Accuracy of auto-identification of the posteroanterior cephalometric landmarks using cascade convolution neural network algorithm and cephalometric images of different quality from nationwide multiple centers김영호
2022Vertical bony step between proximal and distal segments after mandibular setback is related with relapse: A cone-beam computed tomographic study김영호
2022Heritability of maxillary dental cephalometric variables among monozygotic twins, dizygotic twins and their siblings김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2022Accuracy of artificial intelligence-assisted landmark identification in serial lateral cephalograms of Class III patients who underwent orthodontic treatment and two-jaw orthognathic surgery김영호
2022Comparison of one-jaw and two-jaw orthognathic surgery in patients with skeletal Class III malocclusion using data from 10 multi-centers in Korea: Part I. Demographic and skeletodental characteristics김영호
2022Accuracy of one-step automated orthodontic diagnosis model using a convolutional neural network and lateral cephalogram images with different qualities obtained from nationwide multi-hospitals김영호
2021Accuracy of automated identification of lateral cephalometric landmarks using cascade convolutional neural networks on lateral cephalograms from nationwide multi-centres김영호
2021Pharyngeal Airway Morphology in Skeletal Class III With Mandibular Asymmetry is Improved After Bimaxillary Orthognathic Surgery김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2021Differences in the heritability of craniofacial skeletal and dental characteristics between twin pairs with skeletal class i and ii malocclusions김영호
2021Midfacial soft tissue changes after maxillary expansion using micro-implant-supported maxillary skeletal expanders in young adults: A retrospective study김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2020Twin study-genetic comparison of matrix versus intramatrix rotation in the mandible and three different occlusal planes김영호, 신정원, 채화성
2020A study on the morphologic change of palatal alveolar bone shape after intrusion and retraction of maxillary incisors김영호, 신정원, 지숙, 채화성
2019Alveolar bone remodeling during maxillary incisor intrusion and retraction김영호, 신정원, 채화성
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