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강, 정현(Kang, Jeong Hyun) Currently indexed
[School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine] - [Dentistry]

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2024Complex interplay of oral health, muscle and bone metabolism, and frailty in older individuals강정현
2023Quality and readability of online information on hand osteoarthritis강정현
2023Associations between oral health status and risk of fractures in elder adults강정현
2022Correlations between salivary gland scintigraphy and histopathologic data of salivary glands in patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome강정현, 김지원, 김현아, 노진, 서창희, 안영실, 정주양, 한재호
2022Does risk of obstructive sleep apnea have interaction with chronic facial pain?강정현, 이정근
2022Associations between obstructive sleep apnea and painful temporomandibular disorder: a systematic review강정현, 이정근
2022Growth differentiation factor-15 as a modulator of bone and muscle metabolism강정현
2022Risk Factors of Frailty in Patients with Distal Radius Fractures강정현
2022Potential Role of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Pain Sensitization and Jaw Function in Temporomandibular Disorder Patients강정현, 김현준
2022Influences of decision preferences and health literacy on temporomandibular disorder treatment outcome강정현
2022Obstructive sleep apnea and anatomical structures of the nasomaxillary complex in adolescents강정현, 김현준, 송승일
2022Relationship between skeletal bone mineral density and subjective masticatory difficulty강정현
2021Bone mineral density, cervical spine degeneration, head and neck posture, and neck pain in the post-menopausal females: A pilot study강정현, 정윤석, 최용준
2021Association between clinical parameters and size of three-dimensionally reconstructed anatomical abnormalities in patients with lateral epicondylitis: a cross-sectional study강정현
2021Is a neuropathic mechanism involved in the perception of oral dryness?강정현
2021Transcriptomes in peripheral blood of young females with temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis강정현
2021Bone mineral density, bone microstructure, and bone turnover markers in females with temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis강정현
2021Neck associated factors related to migraine in adolescents with painful temporomandibular disorders강정현
2020Association between forearm cortical bone properties and handgrip strength in women with distal radius fractures: A cross-sectional study강정현
2020Decreased mandibular cortical bone quality after botulinum toxin injections in masticatory muscles in female adults강정현
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