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Cholinergic modulation of synaptic physiology in deep layer entorhinal cortex of the rat.

Cheong, MY | Yun, SH | Mook-Jung, I  | Joo, I  | Huh, K  | Jung, MW
Journal of neuroscience research, 66(1). : 117-121, 2001
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Journal of neuroscience research
We have recently shown that cholinergic effects on synaptic transmission and plasticity in the superficial (II/III) layers of the rat medial entorhinal cortex (EC) are similar, but not identical, to those in the hippocampus (Yun et al. [2000] Neuroscience 97:671-676). Because the superficial and deep layers of the EC preferentially convey afferent and efferent hippocampal projections, respectively, it is of interest to compare cholinergic effects between the two regions. We therefore investigated the physiological effects of cholinergic agents in the layer V of medial EC slices under experimental conditions identical to those in the previous study. Bath application of carbachol (0.5 microM) induced transient depression of field potential responses in all cases tested (30 of 30; 18.5% +/- 2.3%) and rarely induced long-lasting potentiation (only 3 of 30; 20.4% +/- 3.2% in successful cases). At 5 microM, carbachol induced transient depression only (20 of 20, 48.9% +/- 2.8%), which was blocked by atropine (10 microM). Paired-pulse facilitation was enhanced during carbachol-induced depression, suggesting presynaptic action of carbachol. Long-term potentiation (LTP) could be induced in the presence of 10 microM atropine by theta burst stimulation, but its magnitude was significantly lower (9.1% +/- 4.7%, n = 15) compared to LTP in control slices (22.4% +/- 3.9%, n = 20). These results, combined with our previous findings, demonstrate remarkably similar cholinergic modulation of synaptic transmission and plasticity across the superficial and deep layers of EC.

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