Medical Humanities & Social Medicine125

Pub YearTitleAJOU
1994A Comparative Analysis of Two Historical Approaches to the Formation of the Modern Clinical Medicine이종찬
2015A Comparative Study on the Patient Safety Law: Korea, USA and Denmark이미진
2008A Comparison of Student and Faculty Perspectives on Course Evaluation in a Medical School채수진임기영
2010A Korean perspective on developing a global policy for advance directives.함기현
2016A review on mathematical models for estimating indoor radon concentrations강대용
2018A risk-factor analysis of medical litigation judgments related to fall injuries in Korea이미진
2007A Study on Course Evaluation Contents through a Written Comments Analysis of the Course Evaluation in Medical School채수진
2016A Study on the Current Status of Medical Lawsuits in Orthopedics in Korea.이미진
2008A Study on the Problem-Based Learning with Industry Co-operative Program for Effective PLM Education채수진
2009A Trend Study of Student’ Consistent Responses to Course Evaluation채수진임기영
2015Accreditation Standards for Designating Teaching Hospitals for Medical Students in Korea채수진
2015Admission route and use of invasive procedures during hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction: analysis of 2007-2011 National Health Insurance database강대용
2007An Analysis of Course Evaluation Programs at Korean Medical Schools채수진임기영
2008An Analysis of the Relationship between Intragroup Peer Assessment Results and Self-Directed Learning Readiness in a Leadership Curriculum채수진임기영
2016An updated review of case-control studies of lung cancer and indoor radon-Is indoor radon the risk factor for lung cancer?신승수이규성,정우영강대용
2014Application of damage control resuscitation strategies to patients with severe traumatic hemorrhage: review of plasma to packed red blood cell ratios at a single institution.김영환이기영,김지영허윤정,왕희정이국종,정경원
2015Association between Fibrinogen and Carotid Atherosclerosis According to Smoking Status in a Korean Male Population.강대용
2016Association between Urine Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio within the Normal Range and Incident Hypertension in Men and Women강대용
2016Attributable risk of lung cancer deaths due to indoor radon exposure강대용
2012Biomedical ethics policy in Korea: characteristics and historical development함기현
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