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A Case of Ovarian Steroid Cell Tumor with Obesity

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비만환자에서 발견된 난소의 Steroid Cell Tumor 1 예
서, 성석; 이, 정필; 주, 희재; 이, 은주; 김, 호빈; 장, 기홍; 유, 희석
Taehan Sanbuinkwa Hakhoe chapchi, 47(5):1011-1016, 2004
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Taehan Sanbuinkwa Hakhoe chapchi; Korean journal of obstetrics and gynecology; 대한산부인과학회잡지
Ovarian steroid cell tumors are composed exclusively of cells that have the histologic features of steroid hormone secreting cells. And these are rare lesions and have been divided into four subtyes according to their size, location in the ovary, and presence or absence of crystals of Reinke in the cytoplasm as follows: stromal luteomas, hilus cell tumors, Leydig cell tumors (non-hilar type), and steroid cell tumors not otherwise specified. Steroid cell tumors often secret androgens, and manifest themselves with symptoms of virilization. Other presenting manifestations include hirsutism, amenorrhea, obesity, hypertension and alopecia. We experienced a case of ovarian steroid cell tumor, manifested by obesity and amenorrhea and present with a brief review of the literatures.
Steroid cell tumorObesity
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