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Gastric Cancinoma and Gastric Acidity

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위암과 위산도
이, 상인; 박, 영숙; 강, 한걸; 문, 영수; 이, 광재; 홍, 사준; 김, 영수; 함, 기백; 김, 진홍; 조, 성원
Ajou medical journal, 1(1):322-327, 1996
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Ajou medical journal; 아주의학
Based on the known relation slvp between gastric carcinoma and achlorhydria, gastric juice analysis was performed on 47 patients with gastric carcinoma diagnosed by gastrofiberscopy with gastric biopsy,in order to find the relationship of tumor location, gross findings, gut hormone such as gastrin and somatostatin, serum and gastric juice CEA, gastric juice nitrite and gastric acid secretion.

According to gastric acidity, there were no significant differences in age, sex, serum gastrin and somatostatin, serum CEA and gastric juice nitrite. But gastric juice CEA was increased significantly in patients with achlorhydria compared to in patients with normal acidity. In patients with low acidity and achlorhydria, gastric carcinoma was located mainly in the upper stomach compared with tumors in patients with normal acidity, which involved mainly the mid-to-lower stomach.

These findings suggest that the location of tumor may be related to gastric acid secretion and achlorhydria was not the causative factor of gastric cancer, but rather a secondary phenomenon of tumor invasion to the gastric acid secreting area.
Gastric carcinomaGastric acidityAchlorhydriaNitriteCEA
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