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Manufacture of the Serially Sectioned Images of the Whole Body (Fourth Report: Methods for Selection and Treatment of the Cadaver and for Scanning of the MRIs and CTs)

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온몸의 연속절단면영상 만들기 (넷째 보고: 시신을 골라서 처리하고, 자기공명영상과 컴퓨터단층사진을 찍는 방법)
박, 진서; 정, 민석
Taehan Haebu Hakhoe chi, 37(2):157-173, 2004
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Taehan Haebu Hakhoe chi; The Korean journal of anatomy; 대한해부학회지
Visible Human Project dataset made in the United States has some problems which were caused by the cadaver selection, cadaver treatment, MRI (magnetic resonance image) scanning, and CT (computerized tomograph) scanning. Therefore, in this study, we intended to make better serially sectioned images, namely Visible Korean Human, which overcome the problems of Visible Human Project dataset. The better serially sectioned images will be the basis of better three dimensional images of the whole body, which are helpful in medical education

An appropriate Korean male cadaver was selected for this study. Without injecting fixative, the cadaver´s posture and direction were adjusted and fixed in an immobilizing box. Horizontal MRIs and CTs of the cadaver´s whole body were scanned at I mm intervals. In addition, coronal and sagittal MRIs and CTs as well as movies of the MRIs and CTs were made.

Age of the selected cadaver was young (32 years old), body size was Korean average (height 1,640 mm, weight 55 kg), and pathological findings were few. 1,718 couples of corresponding MRIs and CTs, in which anatomical structures appear clearly (pixel size I mm), were acquired. 276 couples of coronal MRIs and CTs as well as 505 couples of sagittal MRIs and CTs were acquired. Movies of all MRIs and CTs were acquired as well.

The serially sectioned images acquired in this study will be helpful either in studying MRIs and CTs by referring to corresponding anatomical images or in studying anatomy and medicine by reconstructing MRIs, CTs, and anatomical images into three dimensional images.
CadaverMRIsCTsAnatomical imagesThree dimensional images
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