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정, 민석(Chung, Min Suk) Currently indexed
[School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine] - [Anatomy]

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2021Within and beyond my control정민석
2021Real color volume model of cadaver for learning cardiac computed tomographs and echocardiographs정민석
2021COVID-19 Changes Medical Learning정민석
2021Sectioned and segmented images of the male whole body, female whole body, male head, and female pelvis from the Visible Korean정민석
2020Volunteering as a reviewer정민석
2020Materials and methods정민석
2020Portable Document Format File Containing the Schematics and Operable Surface Models of the Head Structures정민석
2020A Series of Articles Based on a Long-Term Plan정민석
2020Gains from the Novel Corona Virus정민석
2020The Security of People Should Be Considered First정민석
2020Effects of Reading a Free Electronic Book on Regional Anatomy with Schematics and Mnemonics on Student Learning정민석
2020Medical Textbook Made in Korea정민석
2020Pudendal Nerve Identified on Sectioned Images of Female Cadaveric Pelvis정민석
2019Follow the rule정민석
2019Europe and China differ정민석
2019Sleep Disorder of Shift Workers정민석
2019Advancement Comes with Responsibility정민석
2019Fatal PM2.5 and O(3)정민석
2019Knowledge and Environment for Breast Feeding정민석
2019Coincidental Occlusion of Arteries정민석
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