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A Preliminary Study on the Typology of Substance Abusers

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물질남용자의 유형화에 대한 예비적 연구
김, 현수; 조, 선미; 이, 용석; 임, 기영; 이, 호영
Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association, 39(1):3-13, 2000
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Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association; 신경정신의학
Objectives : This preliminary study was performed to typify a group of substance

abusers by their demographic data, developmental history, substance use patterns, and personality profiles.

Method : Forty-two substance abusers were assessed with Minnessota Multiphasic

Personality Inventory(MMPI), Ehwa-Defense Mechanism Test, Beck Depression

Inventory(BDI), Beck Anxiety Inventory(BAI), etc. They also participated in

semi-structured interview by psychiatrists and social workers.

Results :

1) This group consisted of 14 cannabis users, 26 methamphetamine users, and 2

inhalant users. Twenty-seven(64.35%) of this group abused drugs over one year.

Thirty-two (76.5%) of the subjects were in their twenties or thirties. Many of them

were less than low in their economic status. Their academic careers and occupations

were various. Fifteen abusers had past criminal histories.

2) Among their developmental history, parental alcohol problem, poor relationship with parent, and criminal history were significantly correlated with one another(p<.05).

3) In the cluster analysis upon their MMPI profiles, two clusters emerged ; one

cluster presented low profiles, and the other showed high profiles. We named former

'simple drug user group', and the latter 'sociopathic drug abuser group'(p<.05).

4) There differences in MMPI profiles according to the kind of drugs and

developmental problems. Methamphetamine group was higher in Mf and Si. The group

with poor developmental history was higher in Pd profiles(p<.05).

Conclusion : These results suggest that, for typology of substance abusers, more

investigation should be made on developmental history and drug use patterns. This study presented two clusters of simple abuse group and sociopathic abuse group.
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