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The Association between Recent Dietary Pattern as a Risk Factor of 12-month Asthma Symptom Prevalence in Korean Elementary School Children

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한국 초등학생에서 12개월 천식증상 유별율의 위험인자로서 최근 식이형태의 연관성
이, 수영; 홍, 수종; 김, 봉성; 김, 창근; 이, 동진; 고, 영률; 이, 준성
Soa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi, 16(4):296-305, 2006
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Soa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi; Pediatric allergy and respiratory disease; 소아알레르기호흡기학회지
Purpose: To investigate the impact of dietary pattern on the risk of asthma development, we undertook a nation-wide study with ISSAC written questionnaire.

Methods: We analyzed the relations between the previous 12-month dietary patterns (16 food groups) and asthma symptom prevalence, using the ISSAC written questionnaire and a domestically developed dietary questionnaire in 24,260 elementary school children.

Results: Odds ratios (OR) were significantly decreased by increased food intake of natural seafood (OR:0.88, P=0.0126, 95% CI:0.795-0.973), fruit (OR:0.785, P<0.0001, 95% CI:0.715-0.861), vegetables (OR:0.825, P<0.0001, 95% CI:0.764-0.891), and cow’s milk (OR:0.9, P=0.0451, 95% CI:0.811-0.998). Compared to children that seldom consumed natural seafood, ORs of symptom development were lower in children that ate natural seafood 1-2 times per week (OR:0.863, P=0.028, 95% CI:0.761-0.978) and almost everyday (OR:0.802, P=0.0755, 95% CI:0.630-1.023), respectively. For green vegetables, ORs were significantly lower than in children who also ate gree vegetables 1-2 times per week (OR:0.753, P=0.0416, 95% CI:0.595-0.950) and almost everyday (OR:0.674, P=0.0179, 95% CI:0.408-0.752), respectively. Fruits showed the same pattern as green vegetables.

Conclusion: Taken together, our study shows that the increased intake of natural seafood, fruit, and vegetables is significantly related to reduced asthma symptom prevalence in Korean children.
Asthma symptom prevalenceDietary patternsFood intake frequency
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