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Effect of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation on Tissue Adhesion after Strabismus Surgery in Rabbits

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dc.description.abstract목적 :가토에서 인간양막을 이용하여 외안근의 수술부위에서 사시 수술 후 조직유착의 정도를 알아보고자 하였다.

대상과 방법 :8마리의 가토를 이용하여 양안 모두 5.0 mm 상직근 절제술을 시행한 후 좌안은 대조군으로,우안은 수술부위

에 인간양막을 이식하여 유착의 정도를 관찰하였다.수술 후 양안의 육안적 유착정도를 확인하고,적출하여 조직학적 소견을


결과 :인간양막을 이식한 우안의 경우 대조군에 비하여 술 후 1주째에서는 어느 정도 염증이 억제되고 있는 소견을 보였으나

술 후 2주째부터는 양막이식부위에 오히려 심한 염증소견이 관찰되었다.이러한 염증소견은 술 후 6주째에 감소하였다.

결론 :사시수술시 양막이식은 수술 후 1주 이내에는 수술 후 염증이나 유착을 감소시키는 것으로 보이나,그 이후에는 오히려

염증을 증가시켜 유착정도를 심하게 하며,6주 이상이 경과한 경우에는 유착정도에 큰 변화를 주지 않았다.


Purpose : The purpose of the experiment with the rabbit was to evaluate the effect of human amniotic

membrane transplantation in the extraocular muscle surgery area after the operation.

Methods : Five millimeters resection of both superior rectus muscles was performed in eight rabbits. The

left eye was served as a control, and the right eye was covered with human amniotic membrane at the site

where the operation was performed. Each rabbit was graded according to the degree of adhesion. A

histological comparison was done after enucleation.

Results : At one week after the operation, it was discovered that the inflammation of the human amniotic

membrane transplantation site was suppressed, but at two weeks the human amniotic membrane

transplantation site was significantly inflamed. However, the inflammation decreased at six weeks.

Conclusions : This study shows that strabismus surgery with transplantation of human amniotic

membrane may reduce postoperative inflammation and adhesion in strabismus surgery after one week.

However, after two weeks the inflammation will increase and produce more postoperative adhesion. After

six weeks there was no significant inflammation in comparison to the control group.
dc.titleEffect of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation on Tissue Adhesion after Strabismus Surgery in Rabbits-
dc.title.alternative가토에서 양막이식이 사시수술후 조직 유착에 미치는 영향-
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