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Analysis of 99mTc-ECD Brain SPECT Images for ADHD in Children Using Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM)

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주의력 결핍 과잉행동장애 (ADHD) 어린이 99mTc-ECD Brain SPECT Image의 SPM을 이용한 분석
박, 성옥; 신, 동호; 권, 수일; 이, 명훈; 조, 철우; 윤, 석남; 오, 은영
Ŭihak mulli, 14(2):141-148, 2003
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Ŭihak mulli; Korean journal of medical physics; 의학물리
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the distribution of clusters and blood flow rate in ADHD SPECT brain blood flow images of children using statistical parametric mapping (SPM99). We studied 64 ADHD children (4-15 y, 8.03±2.57 y. male/female:52/12) and compared them with a control group of 12 children (6-17y, 9.42±3.37 y, male/female:8/4). We injected blood flow tracer 99mTc-ethylcysteinate dimmer (ECD) as a rCBF agent and took blood flow images after 30 min. by SPECT camera.

In the case of hyperperfusion of rCBF in the ADHD group, we found 3 clusters clearly separated at the cingulate gyrus, Rt. cerebral occipital lobe and Lt. cerebellar post, lobe, on probability level 0.05 (P<0.05).

Thirty-six ADHD patients with average hyperfusion rates between 18.72-19.30% in each cluster had more increase in blood flow than the average perfusion rate at the Rt. cerebral occipital lobe. These levels were influenced by P-value. In the case of hypoperfusion in the ADHD children, 4 decreased clusters on Lt. and Rt. cerebral frontal lobe, Lt. cerebral claustrum and Rt. cerebral, sup. temporal gyrus at P<0.01 can be seen. The average hypoperfusion rates for the ADHD children were 18.41-18.69% in each cluster, which showed more hypoperfusion than the average perfusion rate at the Lt. Cerebrum inf. Frontal gyrus. The perfusion rates and the number of patients were not affected by P-value. The result of this study shows significant hyperperfusion clusters at the probability level of P:0.05 and hypoperfusion clusters at P:0.01. The number of ADHD patients in each clusters and the perfusion rate were not affected by P-value.
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