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A case of slipped capital femoral epiphysis developed during growth hormone treatment

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성장호르몬 치료 중 발생한 대퇴골두골단분리증 1예
김, 정은; 최, 영일; 하, 창영; 이, 수진; 정, 윤석; 이, 관우; 김, 현만; 김, 현주; 안, 재인
The Korean journal of medicine, 60(6):589-592, 2001
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The Korean journal of medicine; 대한내과학회지
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) is the most common orthopedic hip disorder occuring in adolescence. In this condition, the femoral head (epiphysis) displaces, or slips on the femoral neck through the region of the growth plate. This condition can occur only before the epiphyseal plate closes. The exact etiology is unknown, although it has been associated with obesity, mechanical abnormalities, physeal abnormalities, endocrine disturbances (hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency,


Interestingly, SCFE was observed in growth hormone deficiency and in patients treated with growth hormone. We report a case of an adolescent male with glycogen storage disease Ia and growth hormone deficiency who developed SCFE during treatment with

recombinant human growth hormone.

A 17-year-old male was admitted for pain of left hip which was exacerbated by walking 15 days ago. He was diagnosed glycogen storage disease Ia and growh hormone deficiency 2 years ago and treated growth hormone therapy with recombinant human growth hormone at the dose of 2 unit/day. The diagnosis of SCFE was confirmed radiologically. From the time of admission, he received skin traction on the left hip joint and stopped to inject growth hormone and treated surgically with internal fixation of the epiphysis with use of 3-cannulated screw. The patient is followed at out-patient clinic without postoperative complication.
EpiphysesSlipped diskSomatotropin
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