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Elevated A1C is associated with impaired early-phase insulin secretion rather than insulin resistance in Koreans at high risk for developing diabetes

Kim, TN; Park, MS; Lee, SK; Yang, SJ; Lee, KW; Nam, MS; Park, YS; Woo, JT; Kim, YS; Baik, SH
Endocrine, 42(3):584-591, 2012
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The purpose of this study is to examine the association of A1C with beta-cell dysfunction, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular risk factors in Koreans with the relatively high risk for the future development of diabetes. This cross-sectional study recruited subjects from the pre-diabetic cohort of the Korea National Diabetes Program. Among study subjects (n = 616) aged 21-77 years with a history of hyperglycemia (fasting plasma glucose (FPG) ≥ 5.5 mmol/mL), analyses were conducted on 504 participants (296 women, 208 men) except for subjects with FPG ≥ 7.0 mmol/L or 120-min post-challenge plasma glucose ≥ 11.1 mmol/L or A1C ≥ 6.5 %. For insulin sensitivity and β-cell function classified by the categories of A1C levels, ∆Ins(30-0)/∆Glu(30-0) was lower in the highest quartile group than other groups. Although there was no significant difference in HOMA-IR according to the A1C categories, even lowest A1C group (≤ 5.3 %) already included many subjects with abnormal glucose tolerance. A1C showed a significant association with hsCRP, number of metabolic syndrome (MetS) components and ∆Ins(30-0)/∆Glu(30-0) after adjusting for age, gender, BMI, and medications whereas HOMA-IR was insignificantly associated with A1C. Stepwise regression analysis for A1C showed that A1C is independently and negatively associated with ∆Ins(30-0)/∆Glu(30-0), and positively associated with hsCRP. Our study showed that higher A1C was associated with impaired early-phase insulin secretion, MetS, and low grade inflammation in Koreans with the relatively high risk for the future development of diabetes.
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