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Anatomic Analysis of Rectus Femoris Functional Flap in Korean

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대퇴직근 기능성 유리 피판술을 위한 신경 및 혈관에 대한 해부학적 고찰
한, 경진; 이, 영길; 김, 준용; 조, 재호; 한, 승환; 이, 두형
Taehan Mise Susul Hakhoe chi, 16(1):1-5, 2007
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Taehan Mise Susul Hakhoe chi; The journal of the Korean Microsurgical Society; 대한미세수술학회지
The purpose of this article to evaluate the availability of the rectus femoris flap in Korean subjects. Material and Methods is that Cadaveric dissections were done on 51 femoral triangles of 26 cadevers. We measured the length of the direct head of rectus femoris from anterior superior iliac spine to patella upper pole, ASIS to lateral border of femoral nerve, and entry point of femoral nerve and vessel branches to rectus. Usually, there were three terminal branches to rectus femoris from the femoral nerve. The entry point of the first branch was at the proximal $17.5{\sim}31.4%$ portion of the rectus femoris. The second and the third branch entered at the proximal $22.5{\sim}40.7%$ and $26.3{\sim}42.3%$, respectively. The vessel entry was at $20.2{\sim}37.3%$. The length from ASIS to femoral nerve was $3.5{\sim}8.5\;cm$. Among the 51 rectus femoris muscles, 44 had one nutrient artery, and 7 had 2 nutrient arteries. The nutrient artery originated from the descending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex artery in 18(40.9%) cases, directly from the lateral femoral circumflex artery in 8(18.0%) cases, and from proximal(6 cases, 13.6%) and distal(12 cases, 27.3%) portion of the deep femoral artery. The average length of the nutrient artery was 29.8 mm and the width was 2.14 mm. The point where it meets the main feeding artery of the rectus femoris was $9.0{\sim}15.0\;cm$ from the ASIS. In all cases, the main artery’s entrance was proximal to the first nerve branch. Conclusion is that rectus femoris has available data for functional flap.
Femoral nerveFemoral arteryRectus femorisFunctional free flap
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한, 경진조, 재호한, 승환이, 두형
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