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2023Complications and outcomes of operative treatment for acute perilunate injuries: a systematic review최완선, 한경진
2023Factors affecting satisfaction in patients with a rotator cuff retear: CT arthrography-based study최완선, 한경진
2023Clinical and radiological results of early pin removal in pediatric radial neck fractures treated with stepwise percutaneous leverage technique김태훈, 이두형, 조재호, 최완선, 한경진
2017Do Cerclage Cables Delay the Time to Bone Union in Patients with an Unstable Humeral Shaft Fracture Treated with Intramedullary Nails?이두형, 한경진
2017Stepwise Percutaneous Leverage Technique to Avoid Posterior Interosseous Nerve Injury in Pediatric Radial Neck Fracture이두형, 조재호, 최완선, 한경진
2017Early range of motion exercise in pediatric patients with olecranon fractures treated with tension band suture with double loops and double knots김태훈, 이두형, 조재호, 최완선, 한경진
2016Long-term clinical study and multiscale analysis of in vivo biodegradation mechanism of Mg alloy한경진
2015Median nerve neuropathy associated with cubital heterotopic ossification.이재호, 한경진
2015Isolated volar fracture-dislocation of the base of the second metacarpal bone by indirect injury.이재헌, 한경진
2015Pit above the lesser tuberosity in axial view radiography.이두형, 정남수, 조재호, 한경진
2013Barefoot stubbing injuries to the great toe in children: a new classification by injury mechanism.조재호, 한경진
2012Tendon trap technique for rotator cuff repair이두형, 정남수, 조재호, 한경진, 한승환
2012Radial head arthroplasty using a metatarsal osteochondral autograft이유상, 정남수, 한경진
2012New surgical algorithm for femoral head split fractures with anatomical study송형근, 이유상, 조재호, 한경진
2012Subacromial impingement syndrome secondary to scapulothoracic dyskinesia이두형, 조재호, 한경진, 한승환
2012Digital nerve schwannoma of the hand이유상, 한경진
2012Trabecular microstructure of the human lunate in Kienbock's disease이유상, 정남수, 한경진
2012Accuracy of measuring tape and vertebral-level methods to determine shoulder internal rotation이두형, 한경진, 한승환
2011Intraneural Ganglion of the Digital Nerve of the Hand - A Case Report -이유상, 한경진
2011Intraneural ganglion in the digital nerve of the thumb: a case report.이두형, 이유상, 정남수, 한경진
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