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2001Medial discoid meniscus completely coalesced with the anterior cruciate ligament.강신영, 민병현
2000Epidemiology for Korean Knee Osteoarthritis : Results From the Health and Nutritional Survey in Kuri city강신영, 민병현, 이순영
1998Double Incision Technique for Carpal Tunnel Release강신영, 전창훈, 한경진
1998Midcarpal Fusion with Excision of Scaphoid for Scapholunate Advanced Collapse(SLAC)강신영, 민병현, 전창훈, 한경진
1998The Arthroscopic Treatment of Lipoma Arborescens of Knee - A Case Report -강신영, 민병현, 원예연, 이기범