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2013Assessment of hip abductor power in patients with foot drop: a simple and useful test to differentiate lumbar radiculopathy and peroneal neuropathy.이유상, 전창훈, 정남수
2012Glomus Tumors of the Fingers이유상
2012Radial head arthroplasty using a metatarsal osteochondral autograft이유상, 정남수, 한경진
2012New surgical algorithm for femoral head split fractures with anatomical study송형근, 이유상, 조재호, 한경진
2012Digital nerve schwannoma of the hand이유상, 한경진
2012Trabecular microstructure of the human lunate in Kienbock's disease이유상, 정남수, 한경진
2011Intraneural Ganglion of the Digital Nerve of the Hand - A Case Report -이유상, 한경진
2011Intraneural ganglion in the digital nerve of the thumb: a case report.이두형, 이유상, 정남수, 한경진
2011Unusual presentation of extensor digitorum brevis manus: Two cases report.이유상, 한경진
2011Intramuscular ganglion of the thenar muscles in a 3-year-old girl.이유상, 한경진
2011Progressive median neuropathy caused by the proximal migration of a retained foreign body (a glass splinter).이유상, 한경진