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Agreement Evaluation between Noninvasive Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measured by the Tram 800SL Module of Solar 8000M® with Invasive Arterial Blood Pressure Measured by the AMK 250 AutoTransducer® during General Anesthesia

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전신마취 동안 Solar 8000M®의 Tram 800SL 모듈로 측정한 비침습적 진동식 혈압과 AutoTransducer®의 AMK 250으로 측정한 침습적 동맥혈압의 일치도 평가
박, 관식; 민, 상기; 이, 숙영; 김, 진수; 김, 종엽; 박, 성용; 손, 영표
Taehan Mach'ikwa Hakhoe chi, 54(5):493-500, 2008
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Taehan Mach'ikwa Hakhoe chi; The Journal of the Korean Society of Anesthesiologists; 대한마취과학회지
Background: Blood pressure (BP) varies considerably during general anesthesia. Accurate BP measurement is critical for appropriate treatment, especially during hypotension and hypertension. Here we evaluated whether the noninvasive oscillometric BP measurement technique accurately reflects BP measured by the direct intraarterial technique.

Methods: A total of 256 samples were extracted from 10 patients operated on under general anesthesia. Systolic, diastolic and mean BP were analyzed according to the level of BP; hypotension, normotension, and hypertension. Repeatability of the noninvasive BP measurement were analyzed with repeatability coefficients and percent errors. Agreement between the two BP measurements were analyzed with a Bland-Altman and Modified Bland-Altman analysis.

Results: The repeatability coefficient for mean BP of the noninvasive oscillometric BP measurement was 6.34. Percent errors of mean BP were smaller than those of systolic and diastolic BP. All biases were less than 5 mmHg at all BP levels. Most BP agreements were larger than 8 mmHg except all-range mean BP (7.7), hypotensive diastolic BP (6.7), and mean BP (6.2). During hypotension, only mean BP was within the 95% of confidence interval (CI) of bias and limit of agreement. During hypertension, only systolic BP could meet the criteria.

Conclusions: Only mean BP during hypotension and systolic BP during hypertension accurately reflect the direct intraarterial BP. But, diastolic BP does not reflect the direct intraarterial BP over all BPs.
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박, 관식민, 상기이, 숙영김, 진수김, 종엽박, 성용
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