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Sociodemographic Characteristics and Emotional and Behavioral Factors Associated with Perceived Need and Use of Adolescent Mental Health Services in Korea

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청소년 정신건강서비스 요구도와 실제 이용과 연관된 사회인구학적 특성과 정서 및 행동상의 요인
김, 남희; 임, 기영; 정, 영기; 노, 재성; 김, 현수; 신, 경민; 신, 윤미
Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association, 51(6):409-415, 2012
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Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association; 신경정신의학
Objectives: This study investigated the sociodemographic characteristics and emotional and behavioral factors associated with the perceived need and use of adolescent mental health services in Korea.

Methods: We assessed 1857 middle school students (aged 14-16 years) in the city of Osan, Korea. We administered a self-reported questionnaire, which included sociodemographic data, Youth Self Report (K-YSR), and perceived need and use of mental health services. Multiple regression analyses were performed for identification of predictable sociodemographic characteristics, as well as the emotional and behavioral factors of the perceived need and use of adolescent mental health services.

Results: Overall, 11.6% of the adolescents demonstrated a perceived need for mental health services regarding their emotional or behavioral problems, while 2.1% used mental health services. Discrepancies were observed between the perceived need and use. Most adolescents (81.6%) used mental health services without self-perceived need, and only 3.3% of adolescents with self-perceived need utilized mental health services. The perceived need for mental health services is positively influenced by the adolescent’s anxious/depressed and attention problems. Use of them is negatively influenced by the adolescent’s withdrawn problems.

Conclusion: Although the perceived need for mental health services is high, only a small proportion of adolescents receive them. There is a discrepancy between the perceived need and use and the factors associated with them are different. In order to increase the actual use of mental health services, it is necessary to concern their internalizing problems, such as anxious/depressed and withdrawn, in addition to externalizing problems.
청소년정신건강서비스요구도이용도AdolescentsMental health servicePerceived needUse
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임, 기영정, 영기노, 재성신, 경민신, 윤미
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