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Three types of the serial segmented images suitable for surface reconstruction

Shin, DS; Park, JS; Chung, MS
Anatomy & cell biology, 45(2):128-135, 2012
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Anatomy & cell biology
Stereoscopic surface models of human organs can be manipulated in real time. This is a significant feature of an interactive simulation system used for clinical practice. Objective surface models are obtainable from the accumulation of each structure’s serial outlines, followed by surface reconstruction. The segmented images including the outlines can be divided into outlined images, white-filled images, and color-filled images. The purpose of this study was to report the benefits of the three types of segmented images for surface reconstruction. For the raw data, sectioned images of a male cadaver head were used. In the sectioned images, 91 structures were delineated for the preparation of 234 serial outlined images. The outlined images were converted into white-filled and color-filled images; the reverse conversion was also possible. The outlined images, including the original sectioned images, could be the source not only of surface models but also of volume models. The white-filled images, with a minimal file size, were preferred for separate surface reconstruction of the individual structures. The color-filled images, which allowed for recognition of the entire outlined structures simultaneously, were regarded as a good choice for the construction of several surface models. For the process, we employed a variety of software packages including those for animation, where the images were compatible. This information can be used by other investigators to build their own three-dimensional models. In addition, the surface models of detailed structures in the head, accompanied by the corresponding sectioned and segmented images, will hopefully contribute to various simulations that can be useful to clinicians.
HeadCross-sectional anatomyComputer-assisted image processingThree-dimensional imagingAnatomic models
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