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CCL21 attenuates HSV-induced inflammation through up-regulation of CD8+ memory cells.

Choi, B; Lim, HC; Lee, ES; Anower, AK; Sohn, S
Immunobiology, 218(4):579-590, 2013
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CCR7 and its ligand, CCL21, are known to establish microenvironments for the initiation of immune responses in secondary lymphoid tissue. It has also been reported that CCR7 ligand gene-deleted mice have defects in lymphocyte homing. In addition, the injection of the CCR7 ligand was shown to induce the expression of memory T cells. In this study, we analyzed the expression of CCR7 and its ligand in HSV-induced Behçet's disease (BD)-like inflammation of mice. Additionally, plasmids containing the CCR7 ligand CCL19 or CCL21, pcDNA3.1-CCL19 or pcDNA3.1-CCL21, respectively, were injected into symptomatic mice, and changes in the population of memory T cells were determined. After administration of pcDNA3.1-CCL21, the frequencies of CD8+CD44+, CD8+CD62L- memory T cells were significantly up-regulated and the symptoms were not deteriorated when compared to the control vector injected group. Specifically, the difference in frequencies of CCR7+ peripheral blood mononuclear cells between active BD patients and inactive BD patients was similar to that of HSV-induced BD-like mice. These results suggest that CCR7, its ligand, and CD8+ memory cells are correlated with the regulation of BD symptoms.
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AdultAnimalsBehcet Syndrome/genetics/*immunology/pathology/virologyCD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes/*immunology/pathologyCercopithecus aethiopsChemokine CCL21/genetics/*immunologyDisease Models, AnimalFemaleHerpes Simplex/genetics/*immunology/pathology/virologyHerpesvirus 1, Human/*immunologyHumans*Immunologic MemoryInflammation/genetics/immunology/pathology/virologyMaleMiceMice, Inbred ICRMiddle AgedReceptors, CCR7/genetics/immunologyUp-Regulation/*immunologyVero Cells
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