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임, 신영(Yim, Shin Young) Currently indexed / E-mail
[School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine] - [Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation]

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2003Normative data and developmental characteristics of hand function for elementary school children in Suwon area of Korea: grip, pinch and dexterity study.이일영, 임신영
2002The prevalence of mental retardation among third grade elementary school children in the Suwon area, Korea.이일영, 임신영
2000Urethral Stent as a Part of Management of the Neurogenic Bladder in Spinal Cord Injury: Two cases report나은우, 이일영, 임신영
2000A qualitative analysis of brain SPECT for prognostication of gross motor development in children with cerebral palsy.김옥화, 박찬희, 이일영, 임신영
1998The Children with Severe Disability and Their Quality of Life이일영, 임신영
1997Hemodynamic Study of Foot in Diabetic Patient Using Portable Doppler Machine나은우, 이일영, 임신영
1997Studies of Risk Factors in Stroke Patients나은우, 이일영, 임신영
1996A Study of Electrodiagnostic Sensitivity for Diagnosis of Diabetic Neuropathy김현만, 나은우, 이일영, 임신영, 정윤석
1995Foot Pressure Measurement Using F-scan System in Normal Korean Adults나은우, 이일영, 임신영
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