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1 The Effects of Aromatherapy on the Depression and Stress in Patients with Stroke

(태, 선화, 2006)

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2 Foreign Bodies in Urethra and Bladder by Implements Used during Sex Behavior

(조, 대성; 김, 세중; 최, 종보, 2003)

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3 Effects of Modified ACT Program for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation of People with Severe Mental Illness

(김, 영희, 2012)

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4 아주대병원 지역약물감시센터 소식지 27호

(아주대병원 지역약물감시센터, 2010)

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5 아주대병원 지역약물감시센터 소식지 29호

(아주대병원 지역약물감시센터, 2010)

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6 아주대의료원 소식 2018년 1,2월호

(아주대학교 의료원 홍보팀, 2018)

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7 Effects of Providing Information of Invasive Treatment On Supportive Behavior and Anxiety of Parents and Pediatric Anxiety

(이, 도영, 2010)

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8 Enzymes for Beta Amyloid Generation and Their Therapeutic Applications for Alzheimer's Disease

(장, 장환; 정, 민환; 묵, 인희, 2001)

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9 Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperprolactinemia

(김, 미란, 2012)

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10 아주대병원 지역약물감시센터 소식지 22호

(아주대병원 지역약물감시센터, 2009)

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11 아주대병원 지역약물감시센터 소식지 32호

(아주대병원 지역약물감시센터, 2010)

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12 The Effect of Mitochondrial Dynamics on Cell Cycle Progression

(이, 승민, 2005)

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13 Ajou University School of Medicine Brochure 2007-2008

(Ajou University School of Medicine, 2007)

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14 A Study on Nursing Profession and Attitudes Toward Death of Nurses

(임, 대순, 2005)

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15 A Study of Imaging Techniques of 3-Dimennsional CT Diagnosis for Rib Fractures

(김, 태희, 2005)

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16 A case of serum sickness reaction after multiple bee-stings

(임, 승관; 정, 재욱; 송, 현주; 이, 영목; 서, 유진; 남, 동호; 박, 해심, 2002)

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17 아주대병원 지역약물감시센터 소식지 21호

(아주대병원 지역약물감시센터, 2009)

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18 Laboratory Inspection and Accreditation in Korea Ⅱ

(이, 위교; 곽, 연식; 이, 도훈; 황, 유성; 이, 갑노, 2003)

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19 Prehospital Care of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients

(배, 영신, 2005)

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20 The Present Status and Future Directions of Nursing Ethics Education

(박, 진희; 김, 원옥; 김, 용순, 2009)

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