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2023Measurement invariance of the patient health questionnaire-9 depression scale in a nationally representative population-based sample이은현
2023Internal Structure of the Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument with 8-Items in a Nationally Representative Population이은현
2023Relationship between Type D personality and adverse health outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes: The parallel mediating roles of diabetes distress and social isolation이은현
2022Development and effects of a post-traumatic growth program for patients with breast cancer이은현
2022Psychometric properties of the revised Diabetes Knowledge Test using Rasch analysis이은현
2022Development and psychometric evaluation of a new brief scale to measure eHealth literacy in people with type 2 diabetes김혜진, 이관우, 이은현
2021Updated Theory of Planned Behavior in Predicting Parents' Intentions to Vaccinate Their Sons in Elementary School against Human Papillomavirus이은현
2021eHealth literacy instruments: Systematic review of measurement properties이은현
2021Psychometric property of an instrument 4: Reliability and responsiveness이은현
2021Psychometric properties of an instrument 3: Convergent, discriminant, known-groups, and criterion validity이은현
2021Psychometric property of an instrument 1: Content validity이은현
2021Pathways linking health literacy to self-management in people with type 2 diabetes이관우, 이은현
2020Evaluation of Studies on the Measurement Properties of Self-Reported Instruments이은현
2020A New Self-management Scale with a Hierarchical Structure for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes이관우, 이은현
2020A New Objective Health Numeracy Test for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Development and Evaluation of Psychometric Properties이관우, 이은현
2020Relationship of Workplace Violence to Turnover Intention in Hospital Nurses: Resilience as a Mediator신재용, 이은현
2020Self-efficacy instruments for type 2 diabetes self-care: A systematic review of measurement properties이은현
2020Patient-reported outcome measures for diabetes self-care: A systematic review of measurement properties김춘자, 이은현
2019The 21-Item and 12-Item Versions of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales: Psychometric Evaluation in a Korean Population이은현
2019The mediating and moderating effects of meaning in life on the relationship between depression and quality of life in patients with dysphagia이은현
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