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Factors Influencing Bone Mass Measured by Ultrasonography in Korean Male College Students

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한국인 남자 대학생에서 초음파로 측정한 골량에 영향을 미치는 요인
안, 상미; 김, 연경; 이, 미현; 김, 대중; 정, 윤석; 이, 관우; 김, 미현; 승, 정자
Journal of Korean Society of Osteoporosis, 4(1):36-40, 2006
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Journal of Korean Society of Osteoporosis; 대한골다공증학회지
Objectives: Acquisition of high peak bone mass is one of the important factors for prevention of osteoporosis. Factors influencing bone mass including anthropometry, biochemical bone markers, life style, and nutritional status were analyzed in college students. Methods: Subjects were 469 male college students without diseases associated with bone metabolism. Life style and nutritional status were assessed by questionnaire. Broadband ultrasound attenuation(BUA) and speed of sound(SOS) at calcaneus were measured by ultrasonography(Sahara, Hologic, USA), and estimated bone mineral density(BMD) was calculated. Serum total alkaline phosphatase(TALP), N-mid osteocalcin and type 1 collagen C-terminal telopeptide(ICTP) were measured. Results: Mean age of the subjects was 22.82±2.37 years, mean height was 174.78±5.00cm, mean weight was 68.99±8.84kg, mean body mass index(BMI) was 22.56±2.55kg/m2. Mean BUA was 75.45±16.73 dB/MHz, SOS was 15.59±25.21m/s, and estimated BMD was 0.55±0.10g/cm2. Mean TALP was 80.21± 19.10U/L, N-mid osteocalcin 24.14±7.31ng/mL, and ICTP was 4.54±1.24ng/mL. BMI had significant positive correlation with BUA and estimated BMD. N-mid osteocalcin had significant negative correlation with BUA, SOS, and estimated BMD. TALP had significant negative correlation with SOS and estimated BMD. ICTP had tendency to correlate negatively with BUA, SOS and estimated BMD. There was no significant correlation between bone mass and nutritional status such as calcium, protein, coffee, and alcohol intake. There was no significant correlation between bone mass and life style including smoking and exercise. Conclusion: Ultrasonic bone mass had significant positive correlation with BMI and negative correlation with bone turnover rate.
Young menBone massBody mass indexBone turnover rate
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안, 상미김, 연경김, 대중정, 윤석이, 관우
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