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김, 희경(Kim, Hee Kyung) Currently indexed
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2023Effect of high-speed sintering on the marginal and internal fit of CAD/CAM-fabricated monolithic zirconia crowns김희경
2023Plasma Surface Modification of 3Y-TZP at Low and Atmospheric Pressures with Different Treatment Times강성운, 김철호, 김희경
2022Effect of the Plasma Gas Type on the Surface Characteristics of 3Y‐TZP Ceramic강성운, 김철호, 김희경
2022A digital workflow for pair matching of maxillary anterior teeth using a 3D segmentation technique for esthetic implant restorations김희경
2021Phase transformations and subsurface changes in three dental zirconia grades after sandblasting with various al2 o3 particle sizes김희경
2021Effect of Al2O3 sandblasting particle size on the surface topography and residual compressive stresses of three different dental zirconia grades김희경
2020Optical and Mechanical Properties of Highly Translucent Dental Zirconia김희경
2020Effect of A Rapid-Cooling Protocol on the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Dental Monolithic Zirconia Containing 3-5 mol% Y2O3김희경
2019Effect of hydrothermal aging on the optical properties of precolored dental monolithic zirconia ceramics김희경
2018Implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation for the edentulous maxilla using the additive manufacturing technology: A case report김희경
2018A study on the color distribution of natural teeth by age and gender in the Korean population with an intraoral spectrophotometer김희경
2018Evaluation of the repeatability and matching accuracy between two identical intraoral spectrophotometers: an in vivo and in vitro study김희경
2017Comparison of the optical properties of pre-colored dental monolithic zirconia ceramics sintered in a conventional furnace versus a microwave oven김희경