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2014Comparison of culturable airborne bacteria and related environmental factors at underground subway stations between 2006 and 2013박재범, 황성호
2014Analysis of Variation in Total Airborne Bacteria Concentration to Assess the Performance of Biological Safety Cabinets in Microbial Laboratories황성호
2014Outdoor (1→3)-β-D-glucan Levels and Related Climatic Factors박재범, 황성호
2014Concentrations of Airborne Fungi and Environmental Factors in the Subway Stations in Seoul, Korea박재범, 황성호
2014Characterization of Noise Exposure in the Tank Gun Drill Ranges박재범, 황성호
2013The Research of Safety Effects by using a Hearing Protection(Ear Plug) in the Military박재범, 황성호
2013Noise Exposure Assessment at Military Rifle Ranges in South Korea박재범, 황성호
2013Characterization of the monthly variation in (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan concentrations in university laboratories.황성호