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2021Prioritising risk factors for prescription drug overdose among older adults in south korea: A multi-method study조준필
2018Injury pyramid of unintentional injuries according to sex and age in South Korea조준필, 최상천
2016A Study on Heuristic Transportation Routes of Patients with Acute Dysbarism for the Best Prognosis.조준필, 최상천
2015Application and Developmental Strategies for Community-Based Injury Prevention Programs of the International Safe Communities Movement in Korea.조준필
2014Pathophysiology of brain injuries in acute carbon monoxide poisoning: a novel hypothesis.김기운, 민영기, 박은정, 조준필, 최상천
2014Implementation and Results of a Survey on Safe Community Programs in Gangbuk-gu, Korea: Focusing on Participants at a Local Public Health Center조준필
2013Recent 10-Year Experience of One Regional Emergency Center and Recommendation for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)김기운, 민영기, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2013Injuries Associated with the 580 km University Student Grand Voluntary Road March: Focus on Foot Injuries.김기운, 민영기, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2012The Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis after Acute Ingestion of Glacial Acetic Acid민영기, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2012Roles of a hospital for community safety promotion이정아, 조준필
2012Characteristics of patients who visit the emergency department with self-inflicted injury배기수, 이정아, 임기영, 조준필, 최상천
2010Analysis of the Socio-demographic Characteristics of Alcohol-related Injury Patients in Emergency Room전우찬, 조준필
2010The Applicability and Usefulness of Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance Using a Computed Data Source for Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis and Meningitis김기운, 민영기, 박래웅, 안정환, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2009Influence of the Werther Effect: An Increase of Intentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning민영기, 안정환, 이정아, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2008Syndromic Surveillances based on the Emergency Department민영기, 조준필
2008Comparison of Pain Scale on Two Different Manual Reduction Technique in Patiens with Elbow Subluxation김기운, 민영기, 안정환, 정윤석, 조준필
2007Risk factors influencing the occurrence of injuries in koreans requiring hospitalization.전기홍, 조준필
2003The Efficacy and Safety of Rectal Thiopental Sodium for Sedation of Children in the Emergency Department김기운, 배기수, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2003KR-31466, a benzopyranylindol analog, attenuates hypoxic injury through mitochondrial K(ATP) channel and protein kinase C activation in heart-derived H9c2 cells.문창현, 백은주, 이수환, 정윤석, 정이숙, 조준필
1997Effects of Ischemia/reperfusion on hepatic secretion and Microsomal drug-Metabolism in rat정윤석, 조준필
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