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2004A Clinical Study of Submandibular Abscess김철호, 이장우, 정연훈, 최호석
2004Clinical Follow-up of Hearing-Impaired Infants Detected by Newborn Hearing Screening문성균, 박기현, 박문성, 박홍준, 정연훈
2004conservation of Mucous Epithelial Characteristics in the Human Middle Ear Epithelial Cell Line문성균, 박기현, 이진석, 정연훈
2004Proposal for Classification of Isolated Congenital Ossicular anomalies문성균, 박기현, 정연훈, 최호석
2004Clinical Evaluation of Small Vestibular Schwannoma김철호, 박기현, 정연훈
2004Physiology and Recording Methods of Eye Movement정연훈
2003Treatment of Conductive Hearing Loss박기현, 정연훈
2003A Case of Metallic Foreign Body Penetrated into Posterior Ethmoid Sinus through Orbit정연훈, 조민정
2003Hearing Result and Its Affecting Factors of Ossiculoplasty모정윤, 문성균, 박기현, 이준호, 정연훈
2003A Clinical Study of Parapharyngeal Abscess김철호, 이장우, 정연훈
2003Treatment Effects of Glutamate Antagonist for Tinnitus문성균, 박기현, 박홍준, 정연훈
2003Study for Reversibility of Experimental Cholesteatoma Using Mongolian Gerbil문성균, 박기현, 이진석, 전영명, 정연훈
2003The Morphologic Study of Elastic Structures in the Developing Murine Eustachian Tube문성균, 박기현, 이준호, 정연훈
2003Clinical Characteristics and Diagnostic Classification of Vertigo in Children문성균, 박기현, 정연훈
2003Determination of specific interactions between glucose ligand carrying polymer and glucose transporter type-1 (GLUT-1) using different cell types.정연훈
2003Various causes and clinical characteristics in vertigo in children with normal eardrums.김철호, 문성균, 박기현, 정연훈
2003Expression of beta-defensins in human middle ear cholesteatoma.문성균, 박기현, 정연훈, 최호석
2002compressive Technique for treatment of Auricular Hematoma Using Dental Impressuib Material박기현, 정연훈, 조민정
2002Congenital Ossicular Anomaly with Intact Tympanic Membrane문성균, 박기현, 정연훈, 최호석
2002Results and Cost-Effectiveness of Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Ajou University Hospital문성균, 박기현, 박문성, 박홍준, 정연훈
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