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2004Clinical Follow-up of Hearing-Impaired Infants Detected by Newborn Hearing Screening문성균, 박기현, 박문성, 박홍준, 정연훈
2003Treatment Effects of Glutamate Antagonist for Tinnitus문성균, 박기현, 박홍준, 정연훈
2002Results and Cost-Effectiveness of Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Ajou University Hospital문성균, 박기현, 박문성, 박홍준, 정연훈
2001A Functional Study of Gap Junction in GJB2 Mutations Associated with Hereditary Hearing Loss박홍준, 이준호, 정연훈
2000Congenital Middle Ear Cholesteatoma : A Clinical and Gross Pathological Review박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
2000The Significance of T2-Weighted, Fast-Spin Echo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan in a Screening Test for Patients with Acoustic Tumor박기현, 박홍준, 전영명, 정연훈
2000Detection of Bacteria in the Middle Ear Effusion and Adenoid Tissue of Chronic Otitis Media Patient Using PCR Method김병철, 박기현, 박홍준
2000Molecular Genetic Analysis of Connexin 26 in Korean Congenital Hearing Loss박기현, 박홍준, 송정환, 정연훈, 최호석
2000Connexin26 mutations associated with nonsyndromic hearing loss.박기현, 박홍준, 전영명, 한시훈
2000Epithelial differentiation in developing murine eustachian tube and middle ear.박기현, 박홍준, 이영돈, 전영명
1999Distribution of Lysozyme-and Lactoferrin-Secreting Cells in Eustachian Tube of Normal BALB/c Mouse박기현, 박홍준, 송정환, 정연훈
1999Immunohistochemical Study of Thrombomodulin in Experimental Cholesteatoma박기현, 박홍준, 이진석
1999Expression of PCNA In Experimental Cholesteatoma by Implanting tautologous Free Slim Graft in Mongolian Gerbil Middle Ear Cavity박기현, 박홍준
1999Signal Transduction System of Experimentally Induced Cholesteatoma in the Mongolian Gerbil박기현, 박홍준, 황성철
1999TEOAE as a Newborn Hearing Screening박기현, 박홍준, 오정훈, 이진석
1999Decision Analysis in Diagnosis of Small Acoustic Tumors박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1999Immunohistochemical study of cell proliferation using BrdU labelling on tympanic membrane, external auditory canal and induced cholesteatoma in Mongolian gerbils.박기현, 박홍준, 이영돈, 전영명
1999Expression of Fas/APO-1 and apoptosis of keratinocytes in human cholesteatoma.박기현, 박홍준
1998Clinical Study for Possibility of Congenital Origin In Acquired Middle Ear Cholesteatoma박기현, 박홍준, 오정훈
1998Clinical Evaluation of Congenital Stapedial Anomalies박기현, 박홍준, 오정훈
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