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2006A Case of Polymyositis Associated with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis김영배, 박해심, 서창희, 심철, 정재연, 정재욱
2002Papillary Endothelial Hyperplasia of the Sella, Cavernous Sinus, Ethmoid and Sphenoid Sinus: Case Report심철, 윤수한, 임용철, 조경기, 조기홍
2001Trilateral Retinoblastoma: Case Report심철, 안영환, 윤수한, 조경기, 조기홍
2000The Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1, -2 in the Degenerative Spinal Diseases심철, 안영환, 윤수한, 조경기, 조기홍
2000Effects of 166Holmium and 166Holmium-chitosan Complex(166Ho-CHICO) on Normal Brain of Rats박찬희, 심철, 안영환, 조경기, 조철우
1997Relationship between P53, Bcl-2, Apoptosis and Histologic Grade of Brain Tumors김세혁, 심철, 안영환, 윤수한, 조경기, 조기홍
1996Intraoperative Cytologic Examination of CNS Glioma심철, 주희재
1996Gliosarcoma with Multiple Extracranial Metastasis심철, 안영환, 윤수한, 조경기, 조기홍
1996A Case of Late Infantile Metachromatic Leukodystrophy김성환, 심철
1996Pulmonary Endodermal Tumor Resembling Fetal Lung심철, 이철주, 임상현, 임현이, 전미선, 최호
1996The Role of Intraoperative Scrape Cytology in the Diagnosis of Lymph Node Metastasis박광화, 심철, 임현이, 주희재
1996Clinicopathologic Correlation of the Uterus Removed for Postpartum Hemorrhage권혁찬, 김행수, 심철, 양정인, 오기석, 유희석, 장기홍, 주희재