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2009Drug-Induced Hyponatremia박인휘, 신규태
2009Urinary GADD45gamma expression is associated with progression of lgA nephropathy.김흥수, 박인휘, 신규태, 유수경
2009Nocardia niigatensis infection in a kidney transplant recipient.김흥수, 박인휘, 신규태, 유수경, 이위교
2008IgA Nephropathy Associated with Chronic Urate Nephropathy김흥수, 박인휘, 신규태, 임현이, 조진희
2008Changes of Parathyroid Hormone and Vitamin D Metabolites According to Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients김흥수, 박인휘, 박진선, 신규태, 조진희
2008Beneficial effects on the renal function of both recipients and donors in living donor kidney transplantation.김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 윤석남
2008Upregulation and function of GADD45gamma in unilateral ureteral obstruction.김흥수, 신규태, 임현이
2007The Effect of Basiliximab on the Incidence of Acute Renal Allograft Rejection within 1 Year Post-Transplantation김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권
2007A case of idiopathic chyluria김흥수, 신규태
2007Patterns of plasma fatty acids in rat models with adenovirus infection.백만정, 신규태, 안영환, 이광
2007Survival analysis of Korean end-stage renal disease patients according to renal replacement therapy in a single center.김흥수, 신규태, 오창권
2007Membranous nephropathy associated with fluconazole treatment.김흥수, 박지은, 신규태, 임현이
2006Changes of Glomerular Filtration Rate of Donated and Remnant Kidneys in a Week after Living Donor Kidney Transplantation김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 윤석남, 이병모
2006Is it Possible to Predict the Progression Rate in Korean IgA Nephropathy Patient?김미정, 김흥수, 박지은, 송영수, 신규태, 임병국, 임현이, 정혁준
2006Genotypes and Clinical Characteristics of BK Virus in Kidney Transplant Recipients김미정, 김흥수, 박지은, 송영수, 신규태, 정혁준, 정희선
2006The Clinical Significance of Routine Screening for the Renal Functional Asymmetry in Potential Live Kidney Donor김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 윤석남, 이병모
2006Effect of basiliximab on renal allograft rejection within 1 year after김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 이병모
2006Fractional creatinine clearance of the donated kidney using Cockcroft-Gault formula as a predictor of graft function after living donor transplantation.김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 윤석남, 이병모
2006Routine screening for the functional asymmetry of potential kidney donors.김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 윤석남, 이병모
2005A case of medullary nephrocalcinosis develped in relatively low dose furosemide abuser in adult김흥수, 박지은, 송영수, 신규태, 정혁준
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