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2006Expression of the gap junction proteins connexin 26 and connexin 43 in human middle ear cholesteatoma.김철호, 박기현, 정연훈
2006Audio-vestibular disturbance in patients with Behçet's disease.박기현, 신유리, 이은소, 정연훈, 최성준
2005Clinical Characteristics of Vestibular Schwannoma Presenting as Sudden Hearing Loss박기현, 신유리, 이진석, 정연훈
2005Descending Necrotizing Mediastinitis:Report of Three Cases김철호, 이장우, 정연훈
2005Management of Cervical Necrotizing Fasciitis김철호, 오정훈, 이장우, 정연훈
2005A Clinical Study of Pediatric Tracheotomy김철호, 박문성, 오정훈, 이장우, 정연훈
2005A Case of Eustachian Tube Mature Teratoma박기현, 배준호, 정연훈, 조민정
2005The Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Results of Bilateral Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss박기현, 오정훈, 이승주, 정연훈
2005The Effects of Intratympanic Steroid Injection for the Patients with Refractory Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss모정윤, 박기현, 오정훈, 정연훈
2005Gene Regulatory Regions Required for beta Defensin-2 Up-Regulation by Interleukin-1alpha in the Human Middle Ear Epithelial Cell Line김현준, 문성균, 박기현, 배준호, 정연훈
2005Clinical Analysis of Hearing Aid Failure문성균, 박기현, 이장우, 정연훈
2005Diagnosis of Lateral Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo신유리, 정연훈
2005Expression of female sex hormone receptors in human middle-ear cholesteatomas.박기현, 정연훈
2005Nucleoplasm staining patterns and cell cycle-associated expression of Ki-67 in middle ear cholesteatoma.박기현, 정연훈
2005Simple compressive method for treatment of auricular haematoma using dental silicone material.박기현, 정연훈
2005Reversibility of experimental cholesteatoma epithelium using Mongolian gerbils.박기현, 정연훈
2004A Case of Bilabial Congenital Double Lips정연훈, 조민정
2004Clinical Analysis of Eight Cases of Mucormycosis김현준, 정연훈, 조민정
2004A Case of Cochlear Implantation in a Postlingual Deaf Patient with Behcet Disease문성균, 정연훈, 최호석
2004Preliminary Results of Steroik Gargle Treatment and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome강성욱, 김철호, 이진석, 정연훈, 조민정
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