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Publication YearTitleAJOU
2010한국인 전신성 홍반성 루푸스에서 Fcγ 수용체 유전자들의 다형성김건영
2010Identification of Undifferentiated Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Specific Genes김동철
2009세포자멸사 촉진분자를 이용한 암 치료용 단백질치료제의 개발민지영
2009Characterization of anti-DNA antibody with Tat peptide sequence in CDR정종근
2009Significant Association of ADORA3 Genetic Polymorphisms with Aspirin-Intolerant Urticaria in a Korean Population남은주
2009Identification of Regulatory DNA Region and Transcription Factors Important for TIM-3 Transcription김정식
2009Protection effect of EC on radiation-induced cell death of auditory cell in vitro and in vivo편정희
2009The Mechanism of Palmitate Decreased Glucose Transpoter 4 Expression in C2 Myotubes정종갑
2009단순포진바이러스로 유도된 베체트병 마우스모델에서 CD4+CD25+ 조절 T 세포의 역할심주아
2009A novel function of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 as a chemoattract molecule for neural stem cells이수연
2009Studies on the mechanism of insulin signaling reduction in high glucose/palmitate-induced INS-1 beta cell death이성미
2009Functional study of the IFITM1 gene related to tumor progression of NF1송은미
2009Studies on the Mechanisms of Malignant Transformation in Neurofibromatosis Type 1박호진
2009hepatocyte growth factor inhibits glial scar formation and정수령
2009Regulation of TIM-3 Expression in Mast cells and Monocytes신동철
2009Development of Combinatorial Strategies Employing Neural Stem Cells and Polymer Scaffold for Spinal Cord Repair강영미
2009땅콩에 감작된 생쥐 비장에서 분리된 수지상세포의 감마선 조사 땅콩 단백 자극에 대한 사이토카인 발현 양상장다인
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