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2018Paracrine crosstalk between endothelial cells and melanocytes through clusterin to inhibit pigmentation강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2018Senescent fibroblasts drive ageing pigmentation: A potential therapeutic target for senile lentigo강희영, 김미선, 김영화, 김장희, 박태준
2018Ultraviolet-irradiated endothelial cells secrete stem cell factor and induce epidermal pigmentation강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2017Fibroblast-Derived Clusterin Negatively Regulates Pigmentation강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2016TGFbeta1 derived from endothelial cells inhibits melanogenesis강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2016Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 2 (sFRP2) Functions as a Melanogenic Stimulator: the Role of sFRP2 in UV-Induced Hyperpigmentary Disorders강희영, 김미선, 김장희, 박태준, 한재호
2016Recurrence of Nevus of Ota after Successful Laser Treatment: Possible Role of Dermal Stem Cells강희영, 김미선
2016Increased blood flow and vasculature in solar lentigo강희영, 김미선