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2023ANT2 Accelerates Cutaneous Wound Healing in Aged Skin by Regulating Energy Homeostasis and Inflammation강희영, 박태준
2023Senescent melanocytes driven by glycolytic changes are characterized by melanosome transport dysfunction강희영, 김진철, 박순상, 박영준, 박태준
2023Natural History of Nevus Depigmentosus: A Long-term Follow-up Study of 102 Cases강희영, 김유찬, 김진철, 이은소
2023Rapid improvement of refractory generalized granuloma annulare with the Janus kinase inhibitor baricitinib in two patients강희영
2023Melanocytes in idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis disappear and are senescent강희영
2023Treatment outcomes and prognostic factors of motorized 0.5-mm micropunch grafting with a skin-seeding technique for 83 cases of vitiligo in children강희영, 김진철
2022Two Cases of Patients with a Rash along the Intertriginous Area without Certain Drug History강희영, 권수현
2022Alitretinoin induces skin pigmentation: implications for melasma강희영, 박태준
2022Maintenance phototherapy for vitiligo: A multicenter, randomized controlled trial강희영
2022Ponatinib-induced eruptive nevi and melanocytic proliferation강희영, 박태준
2022Age-Dependent Sequential Increase of Senescent Cells in the Skin강희영, 박태준
2022The potential skin-lightening candidate, senolytic drug ABT263, for photoageing pigmentation강희영, 박태준
2022Skin-Aging Pigmentation: Who Is the Real Enemy?강희영, 김진철, 박태준
2022Baseline Clinical and Biomarker Characteristics of Biobank Innovations for Chronic Cerebrovascular Disease With Alzheimer’s Disease Study: BICWALZS강희영, 김은영, 노현웅, 박범희, 손상준, 안영실, 이동기, 이상윤, 장재락, 정재연, 최진욱, 홍창형
2021Melanogenesis-promoting effect of Cirsium japonicum flower extract in vitro and ex vivo강희영
2021Proton pump inhibitor–induced vitiligo following airborne occupational sensitization강희영
2021Alterations of the pigmentation system in the aging process강희영
2021Photoprotection according to skin phototype and dermatoses: practical recommendations from an expert panel강희영
2021The long-term risk of lymphoma and skin cancer did not increase after topical calcineurin inhibitor use and phototherapy in a cohort of 25,694 patients with vitiligo강희영, 김유찬
2021Development of evidence-based consensus on critical issues in the management of patients with vitiligo: A modified Delphi study강희영, 김유찬
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