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강, 희영(Kang, Hee Young) Currently indexed / E-mail
[School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine] - [Dermatology]

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-Composition containing B-cell lymphoma 2 inhibitor for anti-aging and whitening강희영, 박태준
-Composition for treating pigmentary disorder through Wif-1 modulation강희영
-Oenanthe javanica extracts and their uses강희영
-New compound isolated from Oenanthe javanica and its use강희영
2020Screening method for skin whitening agents using SDF1 promoter region강희영, 박태준
2018Composition for regulating cutaneous pigmentation or skin whitening comprising SDF1강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2018Composition for skin whitening comprising clusterin강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2017Composition for regulating cutaneous pigmentation derived from endothelial cells or secretory factors from endothelial cells and method for screening skin whitening agents강희영, 김미선, 박지윤, 박태준
2016Composition for treating pigmentary disorder or whitening skin through pleiotrophin modulation강희영, 박태준
2015Composition for treating pigmentary disorder through sFRP2 modulation강희영, 김미선
2008Skin whitening composition containing culture fluid or its extract of new microorganism강희영