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2023Comparison of Melanocyte-Associated Immunohistochemical Markers in Acral Lentiginous Melanoma and Acral Benign Nevi김유찬, 김진철, 최지웅
2023The triple rotation flap of the scalp최지웅
2023Factors predicting response to oral methylprednisolone tapering treatment in alopecia areata: A retrospective study김진철, 최지웅
2023Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Alopecia Areata in Korea: Part I Topical and Device-based Treatment최지웅
2023Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Alopecia Areata in Korea: Part II Systemic Treatment최지웅
2023Case Report: Needle Penetrated in the Back Skin Presenting As a Conical Papule최지웅
2023Epidemiology and survival analysis of Merkel cell carcinoma in South Korea: a nationwide, multicenter retrospective study김유찬, 최지웅
2023A Rare Case of Imported Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania infantum in the Republic of Korea, 2021김유찬, 김은진, 최지웅
2023Association between the first exposure to general anesthesia and alopecia areata김유찬, 최지웅
2022Photobiomodulation therapy with an 830-nm light-emitting diode for the prevention of thyroidectomy scars: a randomized, double-blind, sham device-controlled clinical trial김유찬, 김형규, 최지웅
2022A prospective study to evaluate the treatment effect of pulsed dye laser on thyroidectomy hypertrophic scars using 3D imaging analysis김유찬, 김진철, 최지웅
2022Rapidly Growing Cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman Disease Successfully Treated with Surgical Excision최지웅
2022A Study Analyzing the Results of Online Questionnaires Regarding Perceptions and Behavior Regarding Dermatological Drugs최지웅
2022Double transposition flaps for the reconstruction of a large forehead defect involving the lateral eyebrow최지웅
2022No Association Between First Exposure to General Anaesthesia and Atopic Dermatitis in the Paediatric Population이은소, 최지웅
2022Association of chronic spontaneous urticaria with the first exposure to general anaesthesia김진철, 이은소, 최지웅
2022Impact of Pediatric Alopecia Areata on Quality of Life of Patients and Their Family Members: A Nationwide Multicenter Questionnaire Study최지웅
2021Alopecia areata is not a risk factor for heart diseases: A 10-year retrospective cohort study김유찬, 최지웅
2021Cutaneous seeding of melanoma by complete lymph node dissection최지웅
2021Effect of changes in Breslow thickness between the initial punch biopsy results and final pathology reports in acral lentiginous melanoma patients권지은, 김유찬, 최지웅
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