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2024The LKB1–TSSK1B axis controls YAP phosphorylation to regulate the Hippo–YAP pathway강이중, 모정순, 이영수, 임수빈
2023SRSF7 downregulation induces cellular senescence through generation of MDM2 variants윤계순, 임수빈
2023Unveiling Hypothalamic Molecular Signatures via Retrograde Viral Tracing and Single-Cell Transcriptomics이은정, 임수빈
2023Mid-old cells are a potential target for anti-aging interventions in the elderly강희영, 김영화, 김장희, 김진철, 박순상, 박태준, 윤계순, 이영경, 임수빈
2023Single-cell insights into the dynamic tumor microenvironment changes during immunotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer임수빈
2023Integrative multi-omics and systems bioinformatics in translational neuroscience: A data mining perspective임수빈
2023Deleterious Mechanical Deformation Selects Mechanoresilient Cancer Cells with Enhanced Proliferation and Chemoresistance임수빈
2023Cancer-associated fibroblast-derived secreted phosphoprotein 1 contributes to resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma to sorafenib and lenvatinib김석휘, 김순선, 김영배, 은정우, 임수빈, 정재연, 조효정
2023p15INK4B is an alternative marker of senescent tumor cells in colorectal cancer김영화, 김장희, 박태준, 신준상, 이영경, 임수빈, 최용원
2023An integrated single-cell transcriptomic dataset for non-small cell lung cancer임수빈
2022Phosphorylation analysis of the Hippo-YAP pathway using Phos-tag모정순, 임수빈
2022Publisher Correction: Multi-omic analysis of selectively vulnerable motor neuron subtypes implicates altered lipid metabolism in ALS임수빈
2022Human pluripotent stem cell-derived myogenic progenitors undergo maturation to quiescent satellite cells upon engraftment임수빈
2022Mitoribosomal Deregulation Drives Senescence via TPP1-Mediated Telomere Deprotection박태준, 윤계순, 이영경, 임수빈
2022Transcriptional Heterogeneity of Cellular Senescence in Cancer박태준, 이애진, 임수빈
2022Matrisomal genes in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck influence tumor cell motility and response to cetuximab treatment임수빈
2021Prognostic matrisomal gene panel and its association with immune cell infiltration in head and neck carcinomas임수빈
2021Pparγ targets‐derived diagnostic and prognostic index for papillary thyroid cancer김수영, 김재형, 임수빈
2021Distinct mrnas in cancer extracellular vesicles activate angiogenesis and alter transcriptome of vascular endothelial cells임수빈
2021Single-cell rna sequencing in parkinson’s disease임수빈
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