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김, 정택(Kim, Jung Taek) Currently indexed
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2024Comments on the Article “Orthopedic Patients with Mental Disorder: Literature Review on Preoperative and Postoperative Precautions”: In Reply김정택
2024Precise individual muscle segmentation in whole thigh CT scans for sarcopenia assessment using U-net transformer김정택
2023Analysis of Changes in Sleep Quality and Patterns after Hip Fracture Using Real Evidence of Artificial Intelligence Linked (REAL) Hip Cohort Data김정택
2023Effectiveness and Usefulness of Bone Turnover Marker in Osteoporosis Patients: A Multicenter Study in Korea김정택
2023Hip Fractures in Centenarians: Functional Outcomes, Mortality, and Risk Factors from a Multicenter Cohort Study김정택
2023Effect of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning on Prediction of Hip Fracture Risk: Systematic Review김정택
2023Osteoporosis Feature Selection and Risk Prediction Model by Machine Learning Using a Cross-Sectional Database김정택
2023Deviation of Latitude Cut: A Simple Sign to Differentiate Total Hip Arthroplasty from Hemiarthroplasty in Radiography곽규성, 김정택, 박성훈, 윤재성
2023Clinical and Radiological Characteristics of Lesser Trochanter Splitting Irreducible Intertrochanteric Fractures김정택
2023Pre-sliding of femoral neck system improves fixation stability in pauwels type III femoral neck fracture: a finite element analysis김정택, 정준영
2023Assessing physical abilities of sarcopenia patients using gait analysis and smart insole for development of digital biomarker김정택
2023Trajectory of bolt and length of plate in femoral neck system determine the stability of femur neck fracture and risk of subsequent subtrochanteric fracture : a finite element analysis김정택, 정준영
2023A Meta-Analysis of Polymerase Chain Reaction for Prosthetic Joint Infection Diagnosis김정택
2023How to Solve Anatomical Mismatch in Fixation of Acetabular Fractures Using an Anatomical Quadrilateral Surface Plate김정택
2023Perioperative Concerns and Complaints of Patients Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty김정택
2022Mechanical effects of surgical variations in the femoral neck system on Pauwels type III femoral neck fracture김정택
2022Diagnosis and Management of Sarcopenia after Hip Fracture Surgery: Current Concept Review김정택
2022Association between antidepressants, benzodiazepine and all-cause mortality in elderly hip fracture: A Korean nationwide cohort study김정택
2022Atypical periprosthetic femoral fracture with stem breakage: a case report김정택
2022Orthopedic Patients with Mental Disorder: Literature Review on Preoperative and Postoperative Precautions김정택
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