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2024A ResNet-LSTM hybrid model for predicting epileptic seizures using a pretrained model with supervised contrastive learning김태준
2023OSA-NET : An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for OSA Diagnosis Screening Tool김태준
2023Change of iron content in brain regions after intravenous iron therapy in restless legs syndrome: quantitative susceptibility mapping study김민혜, 김태준
2023Quantitative measurement of motor activity during sleep in isolated REM sleep behavior disorder patients using actigraphy before and after treatment with clonazepam김태준
2023Seronegative basal ganglia encephalitis mimicking dementia of Lewy body김태준, 박동규, 신인자, 윤정한
2022Corrigendum to “Alerting network alteration in isolated rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder patients with mild cognitive impairment” [Sleep Med. 89 (2022) 10–18/SLEEP-D-21-00679]김태준
2022White matter tract-specific microstructural disruption is associated with depressive symptoms in isolated RBD김태준
2022Expanding Indications for a Ketogenic Diet as an Adjuvant Therapy in Adult Refractory Status Epilepticus: an Exploratory Study Using Moderation Analysis고승연, 김병곤, 김태준, 문소영, 박범희, 최준영
2022ES-RED (Early Seizure Recurrence in the Emergency Department) Calculator: A Triage Tool for Seizure Patients고승연, 김병곤, 김태준, 박범희, 양희원, 이성은, 최준영
2022Alerting network alteration in isolated rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder patients with mild cognitive impairment김태준
2022Association of Nucleus Basalis of Meynert Functional Connectivity and Cognition in Idiopathic Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder김태준
2022Varicella Zoster Virus Reactivation in Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems Following COVID-19 Vaccination in an Immunocompetent Patient고승연, 김태준
2022Emotional and Environmental Factors Aggravating Dream Enactment Behaviors in Patients with Isolated REM Sleep Behavior Disorder김태준
2022Encephalitis with status epilepticus and stroke as complications of non-severe COVID-19 in a young female patient: a case report고승연, 김태준, 최영화, 최준영
2021Campylobacter fetus subspecies venerealis meningitis associated with a companion dog in a young adult: a case report김은진, 김태준, 이위교, 최영화, 허중연
2021Pentobarbital coma therapy for super-refractory status epilepticus and in-hospital mortality: an observational study고승연, 김병곤, 김태준, 박선아, 이진수, 최준영
2021Usefulness of arterial spin labeling perfusion as an initial evaluation of status epilepticus김병곤, 김태준, 박선아, 최준영, 최진욱, 한미란
2021Apolipoprotein E ε4 is not associated with cognitive impairment in patients with idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder김태준
2021Opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia may differentiate postinfectious autoimmune encephalitis from infectious encephalitis김태준, 이성준
2021A new rapid titration protocol for lamotrigine that reduces the risk of skin rash김태준
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