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1996Hyperproliferative characteristics of Human Middle Ear Cholesteatoma박기현, 전영명
1996Establishment of primary cell culture from stria vascularis explants. Morphological and functional characterization.박기현
1995Clinical Experience of a New Combined Therapy of Low Power Laser and Ginkgo-Extract on Tinnitus and Sudden Deafness박기현
1995Experimentally Induced Aural Cholesteatoma in the Gerbil박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1995Clinical Evaluation of Congenital Stapedial Fixation문성균, 박기현
1995Healing Process of Mastoid Obliteration Using Cortical Bone Chips: Analysis of 90 Cases박기현, 전영명
1994Histologic Investigation of the Eustachian Tube of the Rabbit박기현
1994Lagnerhans' Cell Immunohistochemistry of Open Cavity Mastoidectomized Sking박기현, 전영명
1994Autoradiographic Investigation of Secretory Characteristics of Surface Tension Lowering Substance in Eustachian Tube박기현
1994A Case of Fibrous Dysplasia of the Nasal Bone박기현
1994Distribution of Mucoglycoprotein in Developing Murine Nasal Mucosa박기현
1994Congenital Ossicular Malformation without Meatal Atresia박기현
1994Development and Resorption of the murine Middle Ear Mesenchyme박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1994Cytokeratin Immunohistochemistry of Acquired Cholesteatoma in Middle Ear박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1994Idiopathic Blue Eardrum: A Clinical Analysis박기현, 전영명
1994Development of Secretory Element in Murine Trachea and Larynx박기현
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