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1997Early Prognostic Significance of Lymphatic Vessel Invasion in Gastric Cancer김명욱, 조용관, 주희재
1997Significant Correlation of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Level with Progression of Gastric Adenocarcinoma김명욱, 김욱환, 왕희정, 이재호, 조용관, 한상욱
1997Immunohistochemical Analysis of the Expression of Cathepsin D in Human Gastric Adenocarninoma김명욱, 조용관, 주희재, 한상욱
1996Electrogastrographic Study in Patients with Gastric Cancer according to Location and Depth of Invasion김명욱, 김진홍, 이광재, 조성원, 조용관, 함기백
1996Increased Expression of Phospholipase C-γ1 in Human Gastric Cancer Tissues박광화, 조용관, 주희재, 하만준, 황성철
1995Clinicopathologic Study on the Significance of Intramural Lymphatic Invasion of Cancer Cells in Gastric Cancer김명욱, 조용관
1994Prognostic Factors of Gastric Cancer Gases after Resection with Curative Intent - Univariate and multivariate analysis -조용관
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