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2012A Comparative Study Between Newly Developed Wave-form and Traditional Straight-form Splints김기운, 이정아, 이지숙, 정윤석, 최상천
2012Comparison of Manual Versus Mechanical Chest Compression During Simulative out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest김기운, 이정아, 정윤석, 최상천
2012Teaching basic life support to children using a humorous video민영기, 박은정, 이정아, 이지숙, 정윤석, 최상천
2012Roles of a hospital for community safety promotion이정아, 조준필
2012Characteristics of patients who visit the emergency department with self-inflicted injury배기수, 이정아, 임기영, 조준필, 최상천
2009Influence of the Werther Effect: An Increase of Intentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning민영기, 안정환, 이정아, 정윤석, 조준필, 최상천
2009Digitalis-like Toxic Symptoms Occurring after Accidental Nerium indicum Poisoning김기운, 안정환, 이정아, 정윤석, 최상천
2009A Comparison Study of Two Different Methods of Administration: Intranasal versus Intramuscular for Pediatric Procedural Sedation and Analgesia김기운, 안정환, 이국종, 이정아, 이지숙, 정윤석, 최상천