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2023Mastectomy Skin Flap Stability Prediction Using Indocyanine Green Angiography: A Randomized Prospective Trial김민지, 이일재, 임효섭
2023Effect of a Team Approach to Pressure Injury Management over 5 Years in a Tertiary Hospital김민지, 이일재, 한형민
2022A Case Report of Nontuberculous Mycobacterium Infection of the Hand and Treatment with a Second Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flap김민지, 박동하, 이일재, 임효섭, 한형민
2022The clinical efficacy of pure-grind acellular dermal matrix without gelatin in lower extremity skin defect treatment: A prospective randomized study김민지, 박동하, 이일재
2022Effect of Morphologically Transformed Acellular Dermal Matrix on Chronic Diabetic Wounds: An Experimental Study in a Calvarial Bone Exposure Diabetic Rat Model김민지
2022Application of One Piece Autologous Rib Cartilage Graft in Hollow Space of Complete Naso-Ethmoid Orbital Fracture김민지
2022Impact of establishing a level-1 trauma center for lower extremity trauma: a 4-year experience김민지, 이일재, 임효섭, 한형민
2022Current strategies for aesthetic soft tissue refinement in nasal reconstruction김민지, 박동하, 임효섭
2022Clinical use of perioperative magnetic resonance imaging-based breast volumetric analysis in final implant volume prediction for two-stage breast reconstruction김민지, 이일재, 한형민
2022Efficacy of split-thickness skin graft combined with novel sheet-type reprocessed micronized acellular dermal matrix김민지, 이일재, 임효섭, 한형민
2022Paraspinal Necrotizing Fasciitis Associated with Pressure Injury: An Unusual Case Report김민지, 임효섭
2022The investigation of the relation between expansion strategy and outcomes of two-stage expander-implant breast reconstruction김민지, 김지영, 이일재, 한형민
2021Analysis of Factors Affecting the Outcome of Flap Reconstruction for Pressure Ulcers김민지, 한형민
2021Multivariate analysis of early surgical management factors affecting posttraumatic penoscrotal avulsion injury: a level I trauma center study김민지, 박동하, 이일재
2021Author Correction: Evaluation of skin cancer resection guide using hyper‑realistic in‑vitro phantom fabricated by 3D printing김민지
2021Evaluation of skin cancer resection guide using hyper-realistic in-vitro phantom fabricated by 3D printing김민지
2021Total nasal reconstruction with a forehead flap: Focusing on the facial aesthetic subunit principle김민지
2020Multifactorial analysis of the surgical outcomes of giant congenital melanocytic nevi: Single versus serial tissue expansion김민지, 박동하
2020Transformation of Malignant Melanoma From Giant Nevus in Infantile Penis김민지, 박동하, 이일재
2020Applicative Factors of Helmet Molding Therapy in Late-diagnosed Positional Plagiocephaly김민지
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