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2023Factors influencing the severity of medical device-related pressure injuries: Pressure injury staging comparison박동하, 한형민
2023A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, comparative study of a multiphasic hyaluronic acid filler and existing hyaluronic acid fillers for temporary restoration of the midface volume of Asian individuals임효섭, 한형민
2023Effect of a Team Approach to Pressure Injury Management over 5 Years in a Tertiary Hospital김민지, 이일재, 한형민
2022Impact of perioperative vasopressors on lower extremity free flap reconstruction이일재, 한형민
2022Impact of establishing a level-1 trauma center for lower extremity trauma: a 4-year experience김민지, 이일재, 임효섭, 한형민
2022Clinical use of perioperative magnetic resonance imaging-based breast volumetric analysis in final implant volume prediction for two-stage breast reconstruction김민지, 이일재, 한형민
2022Efficacy of split-thickness skin graft combined with novel sheet-type reprocessed micronized acellular dermal matrix김민지, 이일재, 임효섭, 한형민
2022The investigation of the relation between expansion strategy and outcomes of two-stage expander-implant breast reconstruction김민지, 김지영, 이일재, 한형민
2021Factors affecting the outcome of lower extremity osteomyelitis treated with microvascular free flaps: an analysis of 65 patients이일재, 한형민
2021What is the impact of infrapopliteal endovascular intervention on free flap survival in diabetic foot reconstruction?이일재, 한형민
2021Ready-to-Use Micronized Human Acellular Dermal Matrix to Accelerate Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Prospective Randomized Pilot Study이일재, 한형민
2021Role of plastic surgeons in the trauma center: national level I trauma center startup experience in South Korea박동하, 이일재, 한형민
2021Influence of time interval between endovascular intervention and free flap transfer on flap outcomes in critical limb-threatening ischemia: A retrospective analysis of 64 consecutive cases이일재, 한형민
2020In Vitro Analysis of Histology, Mechanics, and Safety of Radiation-free Pre-hydrated Human Acellular Dermal Matrix김지영, 이일재, 한형민
2020The Effects of Subcutaneously Injected Novel Biphasic Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Filler: In Vivo Study이일재, 한형민
2019An updated review of mucosal melanoma: Survival meta-analysis한형민
2019Silver-Impregnated Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy for the Treatment of Lower-Extremity Open Wounds: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Study이일재, 한형민
2019Analysis of Facial Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents According to the Location of the Seat and Seat-Belt Use박동하, 이일재, 한형민
2019Huge Radicular Cyst of the Maxilla Treated with Complete Resection and Immediate Reconstruction by Rib Bone Graft박동하, 한형민
2018Effect of the Bowl Structure in an Automated Cell-Isolation Device on Stromal Vascular Fraction's Isolation Yield이일재, 정현주, 한형민
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